Sofia’s Fable Tale

Sofia’s Fable Tale

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Sofia’s Fable Tale: A Girl Who Would Be A Role Model: A Fable About Socrates

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Embark on an enchanting journey to Ancient Greece with Sofia, a curious and kind-hearted young girl. Sofia sets out to become a wise philosopher and a role model for future generations. Inspired by Socrates, Sofia’s tale is a heartwarming adventure filled with valuable lessons about empathy, self-discovery, and curiosity.

In “Sofia, A Girl Who Would Be a Role Model for Generations: A Fable About Socrates,” young readers aged 4-11 will be captivated by Sofia’s journey from her bustling hometown to the mystical Oracle of Delphi. Along the way, they will explore Socrates’ wisdom and the timeless teachings of Ancient Greece. They will discover how these lessons still guide and inspire us today.

Featuring vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, this book is a treasure trove of learning and fun, appropriate for children and adults alike. Complete with activities and discussion questions, “Sofia, A Girl Who Would Be a Role Model for Generations” is a captivating tale and a valuable resource for families looking to inspire a love of learning and foster a deeper appreciation of the wisdom of the past. Join Sofia on her unforgettable adventure, and let Socrates’ spirit guide your way.


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