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A Giving and Receiving Journey

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Life’s Purpose: A Giving and Receiving Journey

“What do you want from life, and what have you to give in return that entitles you to it?” – Napoleon Hill

In life’s journey, we are on a quest to seek something, consciously or subconsciously. This pursuit is profoundly personal and individualized, depending on one’s dreams, aspirations, and circumstances. Moreover, several religious leaders, philosophers, academics, and scientists have come up with different views and ideas, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Napoleon Hill, a prominent figure in personal development, provocatively asked, “What do you want from life, and what are you willing to give in return that entitles you to it?” This question is not merely rhetorical; it is an invitation to introspection, to examine our desires and the contributions we make in return. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is a fundamental part of the Positive Mental Attitude program at PMA Science University, which promotes optimism, resilience, and giving.

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The Canvas of Desires

Humans are born with desires without a defined purpose and fully functioning software. – Jay Pacheco

Imagine life as a vast and boundless canvas, where you are an artist with the freedom to paint your deepest desires. What colors would you choose? What scenes would you depict? Some may strive for professional success, painting broad strokes of ambition and achievement. Others might create intimate portraits of love, family, and companionship. Some sketch serene landscapes of peace and contentment, free from worldly desires, and the possibilities are endless.

Desires alone cannot bring you fulfillment in life. It would be best to put in effort, give to others, and be disciplined to achieve your goals. This idea is inspired by Napoleon Hill’s inquiry, which is based on the parable of Jesus of Nazareth. The parable emphasizes the importance of giving and receiving and stresses the significance of harmony and discipline in achieving success.

The Contribution Currency

Life, in its intricate design, operates on exchange. To receive, one must be willing to give. But what is this currency of contribution that entitles us to our desires?

Dedicated Work and Perseverance: Success and professional accomplishments demand dedication. The path may be fraught with challenges, but the relentless pursuit and countless hours of toil and sweat carve the road to achievement.


Love and Compassion: In the quest for meaningful relationships, love, kindness, and empathy are the currency. When sown, these seeds blossom into flowers of companionship and love.


Inner Peace and Contentment: One must learn to let go of anxiety and stress to attain inner peace. Mindfulness, gratitude, and detachment are offerings that are the beginnings at the altar of tranquility.

21 Contribution Examples:

The Act of Giving and Receiving

  1. A Balanced Life: I desire a balanced life that harmonizes work, leisure, and relationships. In return, I offer disciplined time management, ensuring I contribute productively to society while cherishing and nurturing the relationships that matter to me.


  1. Sustainability and Environmental Health: Aspire to live in a more sustainable and environmentally healthy world. In exchange, I commit to adopting eco-friendly practices, reducing waste, and actively participating in community efforts to protect and restore our planet.


  1. Artistic Mastery: I seek mastery in a chosen art form, aiming to create works that inspire and move others. In return, I dedicate countless hours to honing my craft, sharing my knowledge with aspiring artists, and contributing to society’s cultural wealth.


  1. Global Exploration: I yearn to travel the world and experience its vast cultures and landscapes. In exchange, I promise to share these experiences through storytelling, photography, or art, fostering global understanding and appreciation.


  1. Innovation and Progress: Aim to contribute to technological or scientific advancements that can solve pressing problems. In return, I offer my creativity, critical thinking, and dedication to research and development that benefits humanity.


  1. Community and Social Equity: I desire a more equitable society with solid community support systems. In return, I volunteer, advocate for social justice, and contribute to initiatives that uplift marginalized groups.


  1. Personal Serenity: I seek inner peace and serenity, free from anxiety and stress. In return, I practice and promote mindfulness, meditation, self-care, and sharing techniques to help others find peace.


  1. Intellectual Fulfillment: I crave a life filled with intellectual challenges and the joy of discovery. In return, I engage in lifelong learning, sharing insights and sparking intellectual curiosity in others through teaching or writing.


  1. Creative Freedom: I wish for the freedom to express creativity without constraints. In return, I support freedom of expression initiatives and mentor young creatives, helping to foster a vibrant, open artistic community.


  1. Legacy of Kindness: I aim to be remembered for my kindness and positive impact on others’ lives. In return, I practice compassion daily, help where I can, and inspire others to do the same, creating a ripple effect of goodwill.


  1. Spiritual Enlightenment: I seek spiritual enlightenment and a deeper understanding of the universe. In return, I dedicate myself to spiritual practices, share my journey with others, and contribute to a community of seekers.


  1. Desire for Meaningful Connections: What I seek from life is the ability to forge deep, meaningful connections with others, to share experiences, and to support and be supported in times of need. In return, I offer my unwavering loyalty, empathy, and commitment to be there for others, listening and contributing positively to their lives.


  1. Pursuit of Knowledge: I yearn for a life filled with continuous learning and exploring the unknown. In exchange, I am willing to dedicate my efforts to disseminate the knowledge I acquire, to educate, inspire, and ignite curiosity in others, fostering a community of lifelong learners.


  1. Quest for Personal Growth: I aspire to realize my most significant potential, grow and evolve continuously, overcome challenges, and embrace change. In return, I commit to using my experiences and insights to mentor, guide, and empower others on their personal development journeys.


  1. Aspiration for Creative Expression: I seek the freedom to express myself creatively, to explore and manifest my ideas and emotions through art, writing, or any form of creative endeavor. In exchange, I offer my unique perspective, contributing to the rich tapestry of human expression and inspiring others to find their creative voices.


  1. Longing for Peace and Serenity: What I desire from life is peace of mind, a sense of tranquility and harmony within and with the world around me. In return, I pledge to promote peace, practice kindness and understanding, and be a source of calm and stability in the turbulent waters of life.


  1. Hunger for Adventure and Discovery: I crave the thrill of adventure and the joy of discovering new places, cultures, and experiences. In return, I am willing to share these stories and lessons learned to encourage others to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the beauty and diversity of our world.


  1. Desire for Health and Vitality: I seek a physical and mental well-being life where health is a priority. In return, I commit to leading by example, advocating for healthy lifestyles, and supporting initiatives to improve public health and well-being.


  1. Wish for Financial Stability: My objective is to achieve financial security, not for extravagance, but for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I and my loved ones are cared for. In return, I promise to use my resources responsibly to support causes and help those in need, ensuring that my prosperity contributes positively to society.


  1. Dream of Recognition: I aspire to be recognized for my talents and efforts and to make a mark in my field. In return, I pledge to remain humble, to remember those who helped me along the way, and to pay it forward by supporting and uplifting emerging talents.


  1. Hope for Love and Belonging: More than anything, I desire to love and be loved, to belong to a community where I am valued and understood. In return, I offer my heart, loyalty, and commitment to nurture and cherish the relationships that give life its most profound meaning.

A Dance of Desires and Contributions


The relationship between what we seek from life and what we offer in return is a delicate dance guided by the rhythm of our values and principles. In this dance, positive Mental Attitude (PMA) plays a pivotal role, illuminating our path, enabling us to see opportunities in challenges, find joy in giving, and remain steadfast in our pursuit of our desires.

Let’s consider the story of Elena, a young environmental scientist passionate about conserving marine life. She desired to make a significant impact on ocean conservation. She faced numerous setbacks in her journey, from lack of funding to skepticism from the community. However, her Positive Mental Attitude was her compass, guiding her through the stormy seas. She volunteered her expertise to local conservation projects, conducted free workshops for children, and collaborated with other scientists on innovative solutions. Her contributions, fuelled by her passion and PMA, eventually led her to spearhead a ground-breaking marine conservation initiative. Elena’s story exemplifies the essence of Hill’s inquiry: her desires were precise, and her contributions, significant and heartfelt, entitled her to her achievements.

Consider the following example of a young entrepreneur working night and day to achieve their goals. There is no doubt in their mind that they have a clear vision and unwavering determination. As innovators, dedicated workers, and resilient individuals, they would significantly contribute to society through jobs, among others. Life offers success, recognition, and fulfillment in return.

Or, reflect on the life of a caregiver who pours love, time, and energy into nurturing a family. Their contribution of love and care is rewarded with deep bonds, shared joys, and irreplaceable warmth of family ties.

Lastly, imagine a monk surrendering to worldly desires and dedicating his life to meditation and service in the quietness of a monastery. The monk’s offering of peace and detachment is met with inner tranquility.

The Path Forward and Your Contribution

As we navigate life, let us ponder Napoleon Hill’s profound question, using it as a catalyst for introspection and action. What flowers would you like to see in your desired garden? What colors do you hold on to your contribution palette? Embrace a Positive Mental Attitude, for the light reveals the beauty of your desires and offerings.

In this exchange, let us remember that entitlement is not a claim staked by ego. It is a privilege earned through rich contributions. With open hearts, willing hands, and minds illuminated by PMA, let us craft a life that is fulfilling for ourselves but also enriching for the world around us.

Furthermore, embarking on your contribution map starts with understanding what you truly desire in life. Once you’ve defined your desires, map out your willingness to give, ensuring your actions align with your aspirations. Remember, contribution currency is diverse; it can be expressed through creativity, knowledge, time, love, adversity, or even the ultimate sacrifice.

Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is crucial in this give-and-take of life. One should confront adversities with unwavering optimism, perceive failures as valuable stepping stones, and face life’s uncertainties with steadfast courage and resilience.


Life can be compared to a symphony, where a balance between giving and receiving is essential. The things you wish to achieve in life determine your melody, while your contributions enrich the composition. It is necessary to approach this journey with an open heart, a generous spirit, and a positive mindset. Doing so will fulfill your desires and realize your potential to contribute, give, and enhance the fabric of existence.

“Believing may come easily to some while being difficult for others. For me, this journey has been quite challenging. However, the benefits I have gained and continue to gain, such as wisdom, knowledge, love, kindness, humility, and understanding, among other things, are more valuable than not experiencing this journey.” Furthermore, some of my contributions and returns to life exchanges are writing books, blogs, poetry, acrylic painting, PMA Science University, and posts encouraging others to follow their paths through my examples.

Furthermore, as you ponder Napoleon Hill’s profound question, let it not linger as a mere thought. Let it be a call to action, a guiding beacon as you navigate life’s tides. What you seek from life is within reach, as long as you put in the time, effort, discipline and provide your willingness to contribute. Your exchange in this grand bazaar of existence may your offerings be prosperous, your transactions fruitful, and your journey toward your desires be a voyage of growth, discovery, and unparalleled satisfaction.

Jay Pacheco

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