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Who We Are

We’re a leading Stoic, Psychology, and PMA© Science University with a heart.

The PMA© Science University platform was created in 2021, launched in October 2022, and redesigned in summer 2023.

The power of the mind and the tools of PMA, Stoicism, and Psychology can increase happiness and success when individuals harness the power of their intellects. Yet, it will also inspire and enrich the lives of others by first knowing oneself.

As a community, we are committed to social justice, restless inquiry, and respect for the needs and talents of each individual.


The Art of Happiness is the foundation of Stoicism, a wisdom philosophy!


is a philosophy with the sound characteristics of faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, generosity, kindness, and sound judgment.


Psychology is the study of the mind, how it works, and how it affects behavior.

Our Vision

Be the world’s leading university that leads millions of people to transformation by balancing science and philosophy. So, students can gain the tools and knowledge here to become global change achievers and spread harmony worldwide.

Our Mision

Providing people with the highest tools and knowledge to become agents of change with a global impact and achieve happiness and flatness, we aim to be the world’s leading university that leads millions to their transformation through the balance between science and philosophy.

Our Purpose

Help millions of people become the masters of their minds through Stoicism, Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), Psychology, and other sciences.

– A Unique Methodology for a Better Life of Happiness and Fulfillment.


PMA Science of Habit : A Practical Guide on Self-Discipline and Mental Riches Kindle Edition

Research shows that more than 95% of people’s questions are related to something they’re willing to change in life.